Varilux® Ellipse®
Varilux Ellipse 360
Full-scale vision
for small-frame wearers

Exceptional performance with lenses
proven to work better in small frames.


Varilux Ellipse revolutionized short corridor lens design by providing maximum visual space for more natural vision. Designed specifically for small frames, Varilux Ellipse adapts to a small frame wearer's natural visual behavior.

Varilux Ellipse 360º offers an even greater level of performance

The 360º Digital Surfacing™ process optimizes Varilux lenses to reduce distortion and maximize fields of vision for each unique prescription. 360 Digital Surfacing uses a Point-by-Point Prescription Mapping™ process to evaluate the interaction of the front side design and the patients' prescription and creates a unique backside design for that prescription. This unique backside design is then applied using 360 Digital Surfacing producing an optimal lens for you.

Varilux Ellipse and Varilux Ellipse 360º offer:
• Full scale distance vision with a 140º of clear distance vision
• Easy eye movement to reach near vision quickly
• More comfortable progressive vision in a small frame
Varilux Ellipse 360º offers:
• Even wider fields of vision with less distortion
• designed to offer even more effective for complex prescriptions
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